An 80-year-old Sioux Falls woman got a phone call this week that cost her $4,000.

"The woman received a phone call Tuesday morning telling her that her granddaughter was in jail and needed some money to get out," Sioux Falls Police Department Information Officer Sam Clemens told us.

"The caller said she needed $2,000 and wanted them in Best Buy gift cards. Unfortunately, the woman went to the store and got $2,000. She called the people back and gave them the numbers. Then they wanted more money. She went back and got another $2,000. Our victim is now $4,000."

Clemens says the scammers are very convincing in getting what they want.

"The scammers are good about saying the right things and pulling at the heart strings. But, the first thing people should do if they get a phone call like that is calling their son, daughter or grandchildren to make sure things are all right."

Clemens says the grandparent scam has happened before in Sioux Falls.

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