Every citizen in our city owes a huge debt of gratitude to every man and woman who chooses to serve as a member of our law enforcement and firefighter communities here in Sioux Falls. The sacrifices they make for each and every one of us on a daily basis are evident.

That caring spirit and generosity was on display yet again on Friday, (January 20), as the Sioux Falls Firefighters Association donated a van to a U.S. Army medic who served overseas.

KDLT TV is reporting, the medic, a woman, who lives in Sioux Falls, but wished to remain anonymous, has health issues stemming from an infection she got during a medical procedure.

The woman has been unable to find work, causing her vehicle to be repossessed. Sioux Falls firefighters caught wind of this news after the woman reached out to a veterans help hotline regarding her situation. Upon hearing the news, firefighters bought her a van from Sioux Falls Ford, using money from their “Step Up For Heroes” fundraiser.

According to Sioux Falls firefighter Nick Luther, “By nature, firefighters, we want to give, we want to serve.  We want to give back to our community and that’s the main goal of our “Step Up” program, is to give back."

Donations from the "Step Up" program are used throughout the year to do a variety of wonderful things for people in the community.  These acts of kindness have ranged from buying a new car for someone in need to dropping off gifts to a single mom working to get back on her feet.

Learn more about the Sioux Falls Firefighters Association "Step Up For Heroes" fundraising program here.

Source: KDLT TV

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