A Sioux Falls mom faces charges following an accident Monday evening in a downtown residential area.

"We had a car that was driving and ran through a stop sign," according to Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

"There was another guy driving along that hit this van. The van had a mom inside with her six kids. None of the kids were buckled up or had any safety devices on. A couple of them, a four year old and a nine year old had to go to the hospital for some injuries. Nothing serious though."

"Once the officers arrived in scene they found out mom was drunk. She was arrested for DWI 2nd as well as traffic violations and child endangerment charges as well."

Clemens says drinking and driving can be a deadly combination.

"You never know when a crash is going to happen. In this instance both cars were going at a pretty slow speed. If they were going at a faster speed probably more would be hurt."

Clemens identified the mom as 34-year-old Jessica Ann Costello.

The woman's six children were turned over to relatives.

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