Our Dive Bar Tour continued at Chaser's Bar and Grill. You'll find Chaser's at the corner of 12th and Tea/Ellis Road. It's one of those places you might drive by, but not want to visit because of the unpaved parking lot and shack-like look. If you do drive by, you will have missed one of the best dive bars in Sioux Falls.

The fanciest item in Chaser's is the juke box - digital of course. There's 70's-style wood paneling hung on the walls and well-worn carpet on the floor. We've been to divier bars than this, so due to the cleanliness, exceptional food, and selection of booze, we're calling Chaser's Bar and Grill a deluxe dive bar.

We've heard about Chaser's Indian Tacos, but didn't realize that had a pretty large menu along with your typical bar and liquor staples. My friends Mark, Christy, Dusti and I got there pretty early one Friday night, so it wasn't very busy, but they have karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights at 9:00 PM and the crowd grew pretty large.

We were hungry, so we ordered supper. The signature item at Chaser's is the Indian taco. Christy had that and she said it was delicious. I had a cheeseburger and was super impressed with the homemade buns (made by a local bakery) and the quality of meat, which isn't a frozen patty. Their meat is fresh and you can taste it. Dusti had the shrimp basket and Mark had a cod basket. As for booze, our selections included a Chuck Norris drink, beer and REDD's Apple Ale. Since I was the driver, I had Coke.

It's not very often you find the owners at their establishments, especially on a Friday night, but both owners, Mick and Judy were there. Mick stayed in the back and cooked and Judy waited tables and also helped in the kitchen. They've owned Chaser's since 2003.

In the summer time, they have sand volleyball and an occasional bean bag tourney.

Would we check out this dive bar again? I could see me becoming a regular at Chaser's! Those burgers and Indian tacos demand a return trip. Check out the rest of our dive bar trip to Chaser's in this photo gallery.

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