I know. The first time I saw the word, PechaKucha, I thought maybe it was an extinct animal species or maybe a new board game I'd never heard of. Then I met and had a conversation with Sioux Falls Design Center director, Kellen Boice. She explained that PechaKucha (pet-cha'-kuh-cha) is a presentation style which originated in Japan.

It involves slides and multiple speakers, etc. But really all you need to know is that it is an extremely creative, fun, mind-expanding (if you let it be) experience. This one will take place on the back dock of the Remedy Brewing Company at 401 East 8th Street, downtown, this Friday, June 22, from 7:00 to 10:00 PM.

Then on Saturday night, June 23, at Fernson on 8th brewing company at 201 N. Weber, (hmm, I sense a theme here) the Sioux Falls Design Center is hosting a "funk-raiser". Again, you're wondering, "what the heck is that?!". It promises to be a fun time with what they're referring to as an inaugural "SuFu Soul Night".

That means extremely danceable funk and soul tunes spun off of vinyl only, by a dj who will help you "get down" and "get up on it" at the same time! Music, dancing, laughter and a tasty brew on a summer night in Sioux Falls.

It is all to benefit the Sioux Falls Design Center, whose mission is to help us all realize the importance of design in almost every facet of our daily lives.

For more information follow them on Facebook and check out their website.

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