It would have to be hotter than Death Valley, California over six days if Sioux Falls were to have a normal temperature for the month of April. It's not gonna happen.

Certainly once we get to the month of May, the weather will be much nicer, but April is going to be remembered as excessively chilly in Sioux Falls. Not to mention all the snow that piled up in the city.

According to the National Weather Service, normal temperature month in April is 58.5 degrees for the high, 34.4 degrees for the low. Starting on the first, the average high is 51, low is 29 and 30 days later those numbers end at 65 and 40 respectively.

April 25, 2018 the average marks read 43.2 and 24 which are both well below the standard. What would it take to finish April at the average? You don’t want to know. In case you do, here are the outlandish numbers needed:

High: 120.2

Low: 74

Every single day.

Dating back to 2000, April in Sioux Falls has recorded below average temperatures 8 times (including 2018) and above average 11 times. The 2018 edition is somewhat comparable to the year of the ice storm in 2013 which had average temperatures of 49.5 (high) and 29.1 (low).

Extra points if you can guess what day when the lilacs and the peonies will eventually bloom this year.

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