Construction in Sioux Falls is in full swing. September is going to be busy for street repairs. Traffic can be very tough going on Cliff Ave. and I-229 by the Spencer Dog Park and Tutt Hill. Sioux Falls street crews have things cut down to two lanes as you can see in these photos.

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I-229 & Cliff Ave 1- Ben Davis

They are doing some much-needed work. But the lane closures have been backing up traffic, especially the morning and after work commute. You may want to consider just about any alternative routes during these times.

I-229 & Cliff Ave 2- Ben Davis points out that there are lots of different construction projects underway all around the city including:


  • 4th Street from Minnesota Avenue to Main Avenue
  • 8th Street Bridge Reconstruction
  • Reid Street Sanitary Sewer
  • Minnesota Avenue Improvements
  • Pavement Patching (Tech-Crete) & Diamond Grinding
I-229 & Cliff Ave - Ben Davis


  • 12th Street from Summit Avenue to Grange Avenue
  • Bailey Street - West Ave to Main Ave
  • Marion Road from Madison Street to Maple Street Improvements
  • Marion Road Watermain-Benson Road to University Trail
  • Lake Ave 5th Street to 6th Street
  • Northwest Distribution System Improvements – Kiwanis Avenue to Foundation Court
I-229 & Cliff Ave 4- Ben Davis


  • 6th Street and Bahnson Avenue Realignment
  • Southeast
  • 26th Street and I229 Area Improvements
  • Arrowhead Parkway and Six Mile Road Realignment
  • Minnesota Avenue Intersection Improvements
  • Southeastern Avenue from 18th Street to 26th Street
  • Southeastern Avenue from Klondike Trail to 49th Street
I-229 & Cliff Ave 5- Ben Davis


  • 41st and Western Intersection Updates
  • 41st Street, Western Avenue to Minnesota Avenue Overlay
  • 43rd Street Drainage Improvements
  • 57th Street from Minnesota Avenue to Western Avenue
  • 69th Street – Louise Avenue to Medical Court
  • 85th Street from Tallgrass Avenue to Hughes Avenue
  • Highland Addition Street and Utility Improvements
  • 51st Street – Holbrook Ave to Drexel Drive and Holbrook Avenue – 50th to 52nd Street
  • Pebble Creek Road from Holbrook Avenue to Baneberry Drive and Drexel Drive from 57th Street to Pebble Creek Road
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