The great debate on whether to once again extend the Sioux Falls mask mandate had its first reading Tuesday night.

Sioux Falls City Council members gathered together to share their thoughts and get the thoughts and concerns of the public throughout the Sioux Empire.

As expected, several members of the community showed up to the Tuesday night meeting at Carnegie Town Hall to let their voices be heard. Dakota News Now reports, there was spirited discussion. By the sounds of it, a large number of people in attendance were against extending the mandate.

One Sioux Falls resident was quoted as saying, "This virus has brought death and suffering, as all viruses do, but that damage pales in comparison to the damage brought by rampant government overreach, deception, and self-centered virtue signaling.”

According to Dakota News Now, another resident had this to say, "This is still listed as an emergency order. Now emergency, I looked it up: a series of unexpected and often dangerous situations requiring immediate action. If there ever was an emergency by now it has long since passed."

Sioux Falls Council Member Pat Starr told Dakota News Now,  “I have got a lot of emails from both sides with a lot of facts and a lot of things their sharing, So I think after the first hearing, we will certainly move it on to the second meeting, that’s kind of the tradition, first hearing kind of give the chance for the community to be heard and that second meeting we really get into it and make the final decision hear in two weeks.”

During the meeting, City Council members in favor of extending the facial coverings mandate cited concern over the risk the virus still poses to the public, especially those in the Vaccine Group known as 1D. That's the group of people age 65 and older and those receiving care for transplant who have yet to be vaccinated.

The evening ended with the council holding a 6 to 2 vote in favor of having a second reading to discuss the extension.

That meeting and the expected final vote on the issue will be held on Tuesday night (March 9).

Source: Dakota News Now

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