Darcy Jensen of Prairie View Prevention Services in Sioux Falls says underage drinking is on the increase.

"What we are seeing with our freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior age group---our older high school kids is that more alcohol is being used.  At some point, we're seeing kids in large parties and large groups.  We have our homecomings going on and activities of getting back to school.  I think it's important for parents to have that message with their kids---we don't allow alcohol.  We don't allow drinking."

Darcy says Prairie View Prevention Services is a great resource for parents of teens that are abusing alcohol.

"Our counseling staff is in all the schools in Lincoln and Minnehaha County areas.  We can do an assessment or screening and talk with you and your child about what kind of abuse is going on.  We have classes and counseling if your teen needs help."

Since 2006, 61 South Dakota teenagers died in underage drinking and driving crashes.  In that same time, 730 South Dakota teenagers were injured in alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes.