A local Sioux Falls chef by the name of Ellen Doerr according to Pigeon 605 is offering take-home meals that cater to a variety of different dietary needs and preferences.

Ellen Doerr or Chef Ellen grew up in the restaurant industry but didn't think she would be working in the same industry as her grandfather, father, and aunt.

That was until Ellen found out what personal chefs could provide for their clients.

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“The variety that she’s able to put together and the different specialty selections that cater to different dietary needs, they  (customers) love the variety, and the recipes are spot on,” said Sarah White, a cook at Chef Ellen"- Pigeon 605.

'Chef Ellen' is now a personal chef business and commercial kitchen located here in Sioux Falls at 2210 W. 69th St.

But with the launch of Chef Ellen came some unexpected challenges; COVID-19.

The pandemic did however provide the oppertunity for Ellen's home-cooked catered food to be turned into grab n go meals for guests to take home; which have now taken Sioux Falls by storm.

And what is Chef Ellen's best-seller so far from her menu? It's been her cheesecake of all things, apparently, her customers can't get enough of the dessert.

Chef Ellen also attended and graduated from the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder, Colorado, in 2015 and has been working in Sioux Falls area restaurants ever since.

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Source: Pigeon 605

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