One thing there has not been a shortage of so far this summer is sunshine. The hot summer sun and its scorching temps have been wreaking havoc on yards, gardens, and crops all over the state this spring and summer..

The sun isn't just creating problems for people's yards, gardens, and croplands. It's also impeding their ability to see in some cases.

At one time or another, we have all fallen victim to a bright, blinding sun while in the car facing east on our early morning commute to work or heading home late in the afternoon as we drive west.

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Sometimes even your car's sun visor or your favorite pair of shades won't even help to cancel out the harsh effects of the bright summer sun.

Such was the case for a Sioux Falls woman and her boyfriend early Tuesday morning in the Southeast part of the city.

Dakota News Now is reporting that a car went into the ditch around 7:30 Tuesday morning (June 22) at the intersection of 57th Street and Six Mile Road.

According to the report, the sun got into the driver's eyes, causing her to lose control of the vehicle and drive off the road into a culvert that contained shallow standing water.

The female driver and her boyfriend were not hurt as a result of the accident. But, as Dakota News Now reports, rescue crews were forced to take the window out of her car to remove them both.

Hello Prudential, I just had another "ohhh sh#!" moment in life and need to make a claim.

Fortunately, they both ended up being okay.

Source: Dakota News Now

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