Valentine's Day is right around the corner and it is one of the most popular days to propose!

In a recent study, 58% of people who've been engaged admitted they regret how their proposal went down, and 45% wish they had a do-over.

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So, I asked the people of Sioux Falls for their proposal stories. The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Get ready to get all in your feels!

  • Walked in tossed a ring next to her on the couch and said hey maybe we should get married.
  • My husband planned it out and stopped a musical I was in to propose on stage at a performance. The cast all knew about it and I had nooo idea.
  • Proposed during Friendsgiving before thanksgiving. Right before we sat down to eat. One-bedroom apartment full of people and no one actually saw me propose
  • I proposed at my friend's wedding and it was actually the bride's idea for me to do it. I've been talking about doing it just didn't know how.
  • I was in basic training and I broke up with my wife because the recruiter said I was going over and I didn't want to put her through that but I realized she was the one so I asked her over the phone she said no she said I have to ask her the right way so she came to graduation and that's when I got down on one knee
  • Walking along the river in a different town. Sunset. He grabs his wallet and I ask, omg, did you bring a condom? Nope. He was grabbing for the ring.
  • He did it at night on a dock but we thought we were going to get murdered beforehand and it turned out to just be a fat beaver then on our walk back is when he asked and it was too dark for me to even see the ring. I just kept saying are you serious then he said I don't know now should I be but of course I said yes I didn't get to see how beautiful it actually was until we got into the light and then I started crying
  • This is the ugly side  6 years ago my boyfriend at the time purposed ( nothing special just asked casually ) I was 18 at the time so I said yes in the moment then 2 days later broke up with him through text and had my mom give him his ring back  ( we’re friends now just want young!) I fully understand this was childish on my part for sure!
  • My proposal was really sweet. It was on our dating anniversary day. We went to dinner, but it wasn't until we came home and the babysitter handed me our 6-month-old and she had a onesie on that said "will you marry my daddy?" And I turned around and he was on one knee  We'd already been together for nine years so I was surprising we were actually going to get married finally lol
  • We were in college walking home from a party pretty intoxicated. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The next morning. I wasn't sure if he remembered or if he was serious. Thankfully we both remembered and were OK with it no ring or anything for a few months But we've now been married for almost 8 years
  • Proposed to nonchalantly over the phone, he mailed the ring to me, and I didn't see him until he arrived to get married. It was a military situation and sweet in its own way, but there is no undoing it. It wasn't just MY proposal, but HIS too, and we both "missed it."
  • We text while at work basically saying "you know, we're both off work tomorrow." Had a small group of friends and family at the courthouse, breakfast at IHOP after, and 13.5 years later, no regrets.
  • My husband proposed to me in the tool aisle in SEARs
  • We went fishing at sunset and he went to grab a lure saying it would be one to catch him a trophy and when I turned around to see what he grabbed he was on his knee with a ring
  • My dad proposed to my mom on the way to the doctor after getting a concussion playing baseball
  • I came home after work to walk into our song playing, the table set, and candles lit. He had prepared a warm dinner of Burger King Bless his heart for trying lol. We've been together since 8th grade and are now married for 15 years.
  • My husband and I have been together since 2005. I was 16 when we started dating, 10 years later he asked me to marry him in a hot air balloon we have been married for almost 5 years.
  • My now-wife was planning a surprise 30th birthday for me, I found out about the party so I had friends give me presents that were relevant to our relationship. DVD of the first movie we went to, a gift card to restaurant of our first date, etc. Even had someone wrap the ring itself. She just thought it was all a coincidence as I was opening the gifts until I opened the ring and proposed. Married for almost 4 years now
  • My husband rode up on his horse in all his old west get-up including the gun and rope. He planned the whole thing for months. He got in contact with my boss and co-workers to get the timing down. I watched him ride 2 miles and kept thinking who the heck? I also thought it was odd that my boss at the time was helping with afternoon chores because he rarely did. It was my now husband. Also, I got proposed at a dairy while feeding calves. So I looked like a hot mess. He has the whole thing on video and shows to anyone he can any chance he gets.
  • I was sick so my boyfriend at the time was cleaning our apartment and while he was vacuuming he kneeled next to me and said wouldn't I make a great husband? And 2 weeks later we were married and 2 kids and 25 years later, that's still the only time he's ever vacuumed the floor.
  • I planned a whole day-long scavenger hunt for my now wife to go on with our best friends. Each spot she stopped at was a special place in our relationship starting in Sioux Falls and ending in Vermillion where we first met in college. She got one red rose and a picture clue for the next spot. The last stop was the marching band practice field at USD and she walked down the field with all of our closest friends and family around her towards me, where I was on one knee. Although a bit extra, it's something that we'll remember every day.
  • My husband called me out to his shop one random weeknight to help him with something on a truck that I was pissed at him for buying. I wasn't being very nice about it. He kept telling me to look in a cubby hole for the keys, which I knew weren't in there because all I could feel was some small velvet bag. I finally grabbed it to show him there were no dang keys in there, and he kinda yelled "I'M PROPOSING TO YOU! Look in the bag." I started bawling because I felt so bad for botching it, but it's a funny story now.
  • The week leading up to him proposing was stressful because my mother-in-law was worried about spoiling the surprise so she wouldn't be in the same room as me. I was convinced she was mad at me and spent the whole week worried I had done something wrong.
  • My husband proposed to me with a message in a bottle on the beach while we were vacationing in Florida. He kept telling me to go grab the bottle that was almost being washed away by the tide but I told him that was bad juju because someone obviously wanted to send a message in a bottle. So finally he went and grabbed it and told me to read the letter inside. Let's just say I was pretty surprised and was very impressed that he pulled that off!!
  • The only rule I gave my then-boyfriend was don't do it on a holiday, our anniversary, or either of our birthdays. He proposed on HIS version of a holiday--deer opener. Lol.
  • We had just bought a house but hadn't closed yet. My husband said his grandparents wanted to see it before we actually got possession. I thought that was silly but went along with it. We're touring it & he told me to show them the bedrooms. I go into one & see his mom in the corner and then a spread on the floor of a blanket, candles, flowers, & candy. His mom hands me a bookmarked Harry Potter book. I open it & it says "I open at the close. Will you marry me?" In the book, he had a bread tie ring because I had told him that when I was young, my grandparents had dozens of bread ties that we'd use as rings to play. 4 years next month & enjoying our first kiddo.
  • I love pickles there are two left. we were watching TV and I was eating a pickle and I was getting full. I asked him to take a bite so he did and then after that I told him I'm full you just eat the rest. He said no just take one more bite I said no I'm really full. He said just take one more bite. So I'm like OK fine took one more bite and my ring was in my pickle.
  • Christmas morning, my senior year of high school. Went to his family's house for Christmas with his family... He handed me a huge cup of hot chocolate. His mom was taking pictures of us...not odd cuz she is always taking pics... In the bottom of the cup he had written "Lacey will you marry me and be my wife?" In like red glitter glue. Didn't tell my parents for like a month. This coming August we will be married 12 years.
  • My husband cut out a ton of pics of Justin Bieber and pasted them on a tagboard to spell out will you marry me? he said even if I wasn't sure about him, he knew I couldn't say no to the Biebs.

See Some of Sioux Falls' Beautiful Murals [PHOTOS]

I was in Canton, SD, and I happened upon a new mural.

It was really cool and that got me thinking that I know of a few murals in Sioux Falls, but I bet there's more than I realize. So, I put it out on social media for the people of Sioux Falls to tell me where all the murals are!

A few of them I had never seen, or never even been to that part of town, and a few of them, I drive by all the time and never noticed!

I know a few businesses have murals inside their establishments, but I decided to keep it to murals that are totally open for the public to see. No need to be 21!

So, here we go! Let's check out some of Sioux Falls' murals.
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