I first saw pictures of Batman cruising in his Bat-mobile popping up all over social media.

Then I starting running into the caped crusader every time I was at an event that had to do with helping kids in some way.

It was like a bat signal was thrown up into the Sioux Falls sky anytime a kid could find comfort or encouragement from a hero Batman would appear.

I still run into Batman at events for helping kids with cancer and fundraisers.

I also continue seeing posts like this one below from Laura Burkard on social media about how one mans actions can make such a positive impact:

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to capture this picture as my baby boy ran into the arms of the true superhero in his life.
This is such a beautiful picture. The bond these two share is radiating. The difference Batman has made in my families life is indescribable. He has been with Maverick since right after his first birthday, and he just turned 2. Batman has been there twice to support Maverick while he was inpatient, he has always invited us to local events to be able to see Mack, is always sure to take time with our other 2 children, and he always keeps in touch with Maverick’s therapies and appointments. That is a true superhero. To do such life changing things for families that truly appreciate it the most, out of the goodness of his heart.
Seeing Batman is one thing, but having such an amazing man with a big heart behind the mask is where it comes from.
Please share this. Tell your family and friends about the Sioux Falls Batman, who he is, and how he is changing the world one family at a time. Help me show Batman the love he always gives. #teambatman 🖤💛🖤💛

I know I will see Batman in the weeks ahead as we prepare for another Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon.

If you would like to find out more about this local super hero check out his Dark Knight Entertainment Facebook Page.

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