We are so fortunate that we live in a city that values the important place art holds in all of our lives. An inspiring thought, drawing out emotion, enriching communication, and showcasing the talent of local artists, are just a few of the benefits of the existence of art projects in our community.

Right now, the city of Sioux Falls, with support from the Sioux Falls Arts Council, and the city's Visual Arts Commission, is giving local artists the chance to display their talents and get paid for it. Artists are required to submit proposals for the Rotational Art Gallery at City Hall.

Proposals are reviewed, artists and their creations chosen, and the displays updated, twice per year. The stipend artists receive depends on the location where the artwork is displayed. The 2020/2021 theme is "One Sioux Falls" and all works submitted need to be a reflection of the values associated with that theme.

A full explanation of qualifying criteria, the submittal process, along with submission deadlines and more can be found at the Sioux Falls Arts Council. Or for more information contact Angelica Mercado-Ford at 605-271-6696.

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