Just in time for the holidays, by now you have probably heard that slightly annoying song that has taken the nation by storm: Baby Shark by Pinkfong. The video has gone beyond viral, racking up more than 146 million views on YouTube. Well, now you can bring home the official Baby Shark Song Doll via Amazon.com.

WowWee, a company that makes robotic and entertainment products, is capitalizing on the song’s fame and making these plush toys available for the holiday season. There are two kinds of official baby shark toys to choose from. The Plush doll was priced at  $17 while a stackable sound cube goes for just $8 but according to sources, people are having a difficult time trying to find these and some are selling for around $70.

So if you want to drive the relatives mad this holiday season, why not get them the baby shark song doll and watch them go mad! Happy Holidays!

Source: delish.com



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