On Saturday, I was driving north on Kiwanis Avenue, on my way to do laundry. As I got closer to the Great Plains Zoo, I saw an amazing sight; a line, a long line, out into the parking lot from the entrance. This brought a huge smile to my face. Of course it didn't hurt that Saturday was a gorgeous day; sunny, warm, light breezes, very Springy!

But it also let me know that people were ready to spend time together, with their families, discovering nature and learning about endangered animals in a world-class resource we have right here in Sioux Falls. It made me hopeful for our city and our world, if only for those fleeting moments.

But then there were the berries! Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, by the proverbial ton, when I went grocery shopping. And people buying them by the cartload. Again, to me; a sign of spring, of hope, of longing for freshness, bright colors, vibrant flavors.

Then this morning, I came across this article: Consumer Reports' Beginner's Guide to Turntables. Although Ben works hard to convince me that I am the only person on the planet who still uses a turntable, (or has a landline phone for that matter!) I know I'm not. And this article about the turntable's resurgence confirms it!

Lastly, you know I love a good puppy story, or picture, or video, and I saw this on ABC's World News Now early morning news and hope you'll enjoy it too.