I was a pen chewer all through grade school and high school. After I graduated from school I graduated from pen chewing to pen clicking, and pen spinning or tapping. So, I understand the restlessness of knee bouncing, or the desire to fidget with something when you're supposed to be sitting still.

It seemed you couldn't go anywhere without seeing Fidget Spinners flying around on the fingertips of kids for a while, but it seems the fad has faded.

My daughter got a couple different fidgets, the first one pictured above I don't mind some of the time. The other fidget is shaped like a cube and has all sorts of clicking, pushing, pulling, and clicking buttons all over it. That one is just too noisy, and I can't hang with that one.

Different fidgets have different styles and make different claims for their use, and benefits. Some claim they alleviate stress, anxiety, help with ADD, and ADHD.  Others are for straight up playing with, and mastering fidget tricks.

It was a blog title from Cristina Bolusi Zawacki that caught my attention last year that said: "I'm a teacher, and trust me when I say that spinners are the effing worst."

Now before I even read the article I'll admit I have had to put multiple limitations on the fidget spinner in my house, and other life areas where I just can't handle the spinning anymore.

The fidget spinner, which was designed to help the user focus, is at times for me as the other person in the room way too distracting.

Like all crazes and fads, they seem to fade away as fast as they blazed on the scene. I can't remember the last time I saw a fidget spinner spinning.

I'm sure the fidget spinners have already been replaced by another fad, and after a couple days of school, our kids will be begging for whatever it is.

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