It's a tale of survival of the fittest. Usually, when a giant Orca Whale is chasing an Otter at top speed in the open water, things aren't going to end very well for the Otter. In this case, things turned out very differently.

It all took place in Halibut Cove, which is located in southern Alaska. John Dornellas was in his boat in the cove, when he first noticed the Otter, frantically swimming, he wondered why it was in distress. Then he spotted the Orca's fin.

In the video released at the end of July (which has since gone viral), you can hear a worried Dorellas speak to a friend and say "Dude, that otter is in trouble, man." He wasn't wrong. The Orca (also known as the Killer Whale) was closing in, and closing in fast.

With no land nearby, the Otter would have surely been a goner. Luckily, it spotted Dornellas' boat, and at the very last second and hopped on. The Orca was only seconds behind and swam all the way up to the boat's motor to take a peek onto the small vessel. The Orca is actually one of the most effective hunters on the planet (land or sea), so this little otter was one lucky critter.

The Orca continued to circle the boat (which was idle at the time) until finally, Dornellas steered his ship to safer waters and let the Otter free. It's always nice to see a happy ending to a video like this.

You can watch the full video below (It's about 3 minutes long) and see just how close the Otter came to be a nice snack for the deadly predator.

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