Most people who know me are well aware of the penny-pinching that takes place around my persona. Therefore when it comes to sunglasses, give me the ZZ Top specials.

June 27 is Sunglasses Day. If you’re not familiar with the blues-rock legends from Texas, one of their selections penned by the band’s three members is entitled “Cheap Sunglasses”. A brief review could sum it up as a relatively simple tune that spoke to the allure of a woman who was wearing some plus the song drifts into a couple situations where the low-cost eyewear would come in handy.

A good number of folks need to keep their eyes protected from the sun and sunglasses can do the trick. I have some that I picked up at a second-hand store because they looked cool (mirrored with narrow frames) and another similar pair from the department store for about ten bucks.

Being an 80’s kid, how can you beat the Top Gun look? Though upgrading to the official Aviator shades would break the rule from ea.

The blue-blockers from years past are long gone and don’t quite fit the all-time style. Not that style should play a major part. Function over fuss would be my motto.

A pair that’s lost would be easily replaced, for the right price of course. From brand-name to the transition lenses, use them to your heart’s content on Sunglasses Day (with or without the heavy bass beat and keyboard accompaniment).
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