As the first significant amount of snow is set to hit eastern South Dakota on Monday (12/4), there are many fun activities you can enjoy. Sledding, ice skating, and of course snowboarding. But believe it or not, snowboarding wasn't that popular back in the day.

This is a news segment from Canada’s CBC back in 1985, and it’s full of incredible quotes from what people thought of “snowboarders."

According to Mountain culture group, one operator proclaims, “We try and keep them separated but the snowboards come down the slopes…and they’ll lip us off and they’re dangerous because if one of these skateboards or ski-boards or whatever they’re called hit a person they’d break their leg. Most of ’em have no brakes on ’em. So nobody is allowing them on any mountains.”

Only three ski resorts in America still ban snowboarding. They are:

So if you are a snowboarder, be thankful that Great Bear Ski Valley allows snowboarding!

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