It's great a Thanksgiving present! Tuesday night, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to debut the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War.

Judging by the trailer the Civil War movie is similar to the Marval comic crossover series in tone and broad ideas only. The main story seems to be tightly focused on Captain America verses Iron Man.

We start with Cap and Falcon finding The Winter Soldier, AKA Cap's childhood friend Bucky, in what looks like an abandon factory. It looks like a direct continuation of the post credit scene from Ant-Man.

It seem that The Winter Soldier has given up his evil ways, but is being blamed for something and people are coming after him. Cap wants to take Bucky in alive and find the truth.

Borrowing a theme from the comic, next we hear about a growing superhero backlash and fears of unchecked vigilantes. This looks to lead to a confrontation between Cap and Tony Stark, who is on the side of limiting hero's actions.

Captain America: Civil War

Then there's fighting and crashing and Black Widow being awesome. I even swear I saw Cap kick Ant-Man! We also get to see Black Panther in action. It looks like Scarlet Witch is on Cap's side along with Hawkeye and Falcon. The trailer ends with Cap and Bucky fighting Iron Man.

May 6, 2016 can't come quick enough!


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