Friday night I went for a bike ride and about 3 miles in I decided that it was going to be a full circle trip. I went all the way around the main Sioux Falls bike trail and it was a blast.

My legs were pretty dead when I got done. My split speed every mile on my tracking app kept getting slower with each mile. Didn't matter, just kept chugging.

The best part was riding around the airport. It's a part of the city you see all the time but never from that close or from that angle. At one point I was riding along the river on the northern border of the airport and I looked to my left and realized I was looking right down one of the runways. Wondering if I was lucky, I looked to my right to see if a plane was coming in. I saw a bright beacon, the landing light was on. There was!

So I back tracked about 100 yards so I would be right in line with the center of the runway and the incoming plane and got a really cool video of the plane passing over and landing. Of course, video because it didn't happen if you don't record it!

I started my ride at Rotary Norlin Park near 26th and Southeastern Ave. You could get closer and enjoy the show by parking in the little gravel lot near the bike trail bridge over the Big Sioux River on Minnesota Avenue on the north end of the airport. One red dot is the parking area and the other is where I took the video. It was pretty cool. It would be more fun if it was F-16's coming in!

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