When it rains, it pours. Sadly in Texas we certainly know a thing or two about floods here in the state (just ask Stevie Ray Vaughan). Flood waters can not only cause a huge amount of damage to houses & businesses, sometimes they bring unwanted visitors. Just ask this one Amarillo, Texas resident who found a ton of WORMS on her property after the huge amount of rain they've had.

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How bad did it flood worms in Amarillo?

On June 1st, a video was taken by the Instagram user, onemomcamping. She was originally from Arizona & now lives around the Texas Panhandle. Usually she posts photos & videos of her hiking but her most popular video is this one showing how bad the flooding has been in Amarillo. Over 2.2 million people have seen her video showing what the rain has brought her home. And what it brought was worms... a LOT of them. As she describes it: "a giant ball of worms".

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There IS a reason why this happens in Amarillo

Amarillo is full of playa lakes (or banks), areas to hold any excess rain water. However when it rains HARD, the playas get overfilled. And what you get are areas completely FILLED with water. As a result... they bring all kinds of animals: bullfrogs, worms, fish, & even salamanders have been known to be spotted in the streets of Amarillo. Like this one from the Amarillo Reddit.

Fish swimming down Georgia Street by u/potaydo in amarillo

This isn't even the only time it's ever rained critters in Texas

Believe it or not, it's happened before in Texarkana: in December of 2021, the city was subjected to rain of biblical proportions: it literally rained fish (thanks to some birds in the area that dropped the poor creatures onto the city below).

So if you need an extra reason to be safe when it rains; there you go. Be wary of the water around you; you have no idea what is lurking at the bottom.

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