Everybody has their favorite firework, mine is anything that smokes.

Maybe it was because I used to like to pretend as a kid I was a ninja emerging from the smoke, and I even like the odd smoke ball smell.

This year I think I found the mother of all thing that smoke!

While I was at All Star Fireworks I got to talking with Ben about, the latest in fireworks that smoke.

I'd thought I had done them all, smoke balls, smoke tubes, smoke grenades, mammoth smoke stick, but I hadn't seen the orange container of smoke he placed in my hand.

Ben explained they keep them wrapped in plastic because no fuse is needed, you just pop the top, and pull the small cord.

The plastic bag helps prevent any in store mishaps, which would be orange smoke bellowing from the tub.

For a price of just over $3, and a good 3 minutes of smoke, this was totally worth the purchase.

An entire group of ninjas could use this steady stream of orange diversion.

And just because everything looks cooler in slow motion here is some slow motion smoke!

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