The first year of the new deer draw system is underway. If you missed on any of your first draw applications, now is the time to fill those spots.

At this point of the "deer draw season," which is just the name I'm giving this system, a resident can have two firearm tags from the seven deer seasons. I only have one, hitting on my East River tag and missing on Black Hills. That means I can now apply for one tag, and my options are West River or Refuge. I may apply for a West River tag but I may not.

There are still a ton of tags left out there if you are willing to drive for the opportunity to hunt. If you aren't, well, enjoy complaining on the Internet about how you can't draw the tag you want even though GFP changed the system.

Personally, I don't think this change in system is really helping a lot. I'm sure we'll see the GFP data presented in a way that says this really helped some people. It isn't really a big help to most.

One thing the change did do was make it more attractive to finally use my 3 antelope points and go west and hunt that species this year. I never have so it will be fun. Applications for firearms antelope are open until August 9.

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