It's a 50 state battle. Which highway patrol agency has the best looking cruiser?

Maybe I'm partial, but South Dakota has a great looking Highway Patrol car. The state's fleet is diverse too. They have everything from Ford Explorers to Dodge Chargers and even a Ford Mustang GT.

It's that 460 horsepower sixth-generation Mustang GT that is up for consideration in the SurveyMonkey contest. With all the miles of wide-open interstate in South Dakota, it's no wonder that the Highway Patrol calls in the muscle to close the gap from a fleeing suspect. Although those Eco-Boost Ford Explorers are no slouch either!

The field of competitors is strong with many Chargers, Explorers, and even a Dodge Challenger that looks really good. But South Dakota is the only state that submitted a Mustang GT and the stance of it in front of the Capitol building in Pierre is first class.

So take a second to vote for your favorite police cruiser.

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