The #1 rule of horror movies is that the bad never stays dead. Never.

He may have died more times than I can count, but good ol’ Ghostface from the Scream series is dusting off his ol’ Ghostface mask for another go, in a new Scream reboot. Bloody Disgusting reports Spyglass Media Group is working on a Scream 2.0:

While [Wes] Craven had directed all four Scream films before his passing, various filmmakers would get behind the camera for a television series that ran for two seasons on MTV and a third on VH1. All four films remained canon while the series would create its own mythology. It’s unclear if the next film will continue to be canonized within Craven’s universe or be a remake, but we are hearing that, as of this writing, [Kevin] Williamson is not writing the screenplay.

Williamson and Craven co-created the concept; Williamson wrote Scream as well as Scream 2 and Scream 4, which was made 11 years after the original trilogy of films wound down. (The third season of the Scream show, which Craven and Williamson were not involved in, premiered last summer.) The original Scream arrived at a perfect time in pop culture, with the first wave of slasher films having gotten bogged down in self-parody. These days ... it doesn’t feel like there’s as much to make fun of in the genre? But maybe that in an of itself can be the joke this time around.

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