One thing about scammers, they are constantly looking for and coming up with new and different ways to scam consumers and businesses out of money.

I see the Better Business Bureau is now warning people about a new scam that's targeting pizza restaurants of all places.

KSFY TV is reporting that several pizza restaurants in Alabama have fallen victim to a series of scams where a person will walk into the restaurant asking to make an emergency phone call. Soon after the scammer leaves, the phones stop ringing at the restaurant. After management calls the phone number to look into the issue, they quickly discover their phone has been rerouted to an untraceable number.

Jessie Schmidt, State Director for the BBB in South Dakota, told KSFY, "So when people were calling in, it appeared as though they were taking their pizza orders and getting their credit card information. What they were doing is creating fake cards and went out and spent them and of course these consumers never got their pizza."

According to KSFY, reports of this type of scam has yet to pop up here in the Sioux Empire. However, business owners need to stay vigilant as it could happen to any business that takes orders over the phone.

Source: KSFY TV

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