Santa Claus has wound up on his own naughty list.

A man dressed up as Saint Nick in Forest City, N.C. has come under fire after he body shamed a nine-year-old boy who sat on his lap last weekend to tell him what he wanted for the holidays.

The boy, Anthony Mayse, set up the scene:

When I got done, he said, 'Just lay off the hamburgers and french fries.' And that really just disrespected me, and I felt awful."

The words stung and caused Anthony to cry until he went to sleep that night and rip up the photo he had taken with ol' Kris Kringle.

Anthony's mother, Ashley, said Santa did not act like he was interested in doing his job. She confronted him about his behavior and he explained himself by saying he didn't know why he did what he did, a lame excuse that Santa would never accept.

Santa apologized for the incident, although it's not clear if he will be punished. Ashley, for one, certainly wants him to face disciplinary action -- she says she wants him to be fired.

And let's not forget the irony here. Santa himself is obese. He's chastising a kid for being heavy, yet he wears a size XXXXL red velour suit and scarfs down enough Chips Ahoy while making his rounds his stool could spell out "Nabisco." If he didn't have this Christmas gig, he wouldn't be allowed within a country mile of any child.

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