Sanford has begun their I-Spy clinical trials in order to help treat inflammation in the lungs of Coronavirus patients according to Dakota News Now.

The plan with these trials is to use different combinations of medications in order to find a solution to reduce a COVID patient's time on a ventilator.

This trial could also result in a reduction in the mortality rate due to the coronavirus along with an improvement of the patient's recovery.

"Medical professionals hope the I-Spy will address critically ill Covid-19 patients and address some of the questions around why the virus impacts various patients with drastically different results." -Dakota News Now

Dr. Paul Berger, the lead physician, thinks that medications found from the study will easily go hand and hand with a vaccine for the virus.

"I think that there is a potential that these medications may be used in conjunction with a vaccine or potentially reduce the overall burden of illness on a population," said Dr. Berger. "So for those who do become ill or the vaccination is not completely 100%, then we are still going to have patients we will need to take care of and help treat the inflammatory response in the lungs."

The I-Spy Trials plans to use patients who have previously tested positive for COVID, are 18 and older, who also needed at least six liters of supplemental oxygen.

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