Sanford Hospital has been tracking the latest COVID-19 hospitalizations. As of Tuesday Sanford reports their...

  • Hospitalizations at 136 with all but 129 unvaccinated
  • 37 in the ICU with 35 unvaccinated
  • 19 on Ventilators with 18 unvaccinated.

Sanfords Facebook post stated, “Here are the latest numbers of patients hospitalized due to COVID-19. Getting vaccinated can help protect against COVID-19 infection or severe complications.”

The new graphic shows a marked increase from last week's COVID-19 hospitalizations. Some of the responses on the Facebook post include:

Sue Engel: It is hard to understand why people won't get vaccinated in order to protect themselves but if that is not important at least to protect others - especially children under 12.

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Missy Klemin: Thank you for being transparent and sharing this information. I think it’s important people see.

Jan Havens: Why is that so hard to understand? Put ego aside, and a lot of it is, and do the right thing for those you love, if not for yourself!

Levi Edwards: So you have 136 people in the hospital being treated for Covid-19 (which is the disease or severe complications caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Virus) or are some of the people that are in the hospital for other reasons that have also tested positive for the virus?

Maxine Berry: Thanks for having the guts to share the numbers but that’s the figures for your 22 hospitals, what’s in Sioux Falls, I’m curious out of those numbers where are the highest numbers concentrated?

As of Tuesday, the South Dakota Department of Health has reported the following COVID-related totals ... 908 New Confirmed Cases, 112 New Probable Cases, 5035 Active Cases, and 216 Currently Hospitalized.

You can learn about the benefits and how you can schedule a vaccine appointment at

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