Two men have been arrested and are now facing charges after a teenager claims he was attacked and threatened while driving through their Florida neighborhood.

According to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Donald Corsi and Howard Hughes were arrested for damaging a white Mercedes vehicle belonging to 16-year-old Jermaine Jones.

The police report says that the men "hit the rear-passenger door with an orange cone and shattered the window with a stone."

They didn’t like the way I was driving, so they felt the need to hit my car with a cone, and throw a rock through my window. All I wanted to do was de-escalate until police came because I wasn’t about to get charges pressed on me for no reason

Video of the incident was far more disturbing than anything that was written in the police report. As Jones filmed the incident, Corsi and Hughes are seen among a group of alleged neighborhood residents as the situation continues to escalate.

Neighbors can be heard shouting about the teenager's reckless driving and accusing him of speeding and doing "burnouts." Someone on camera can be heard telling him to leave the Lake Forest subdivision where he was allegedly visiting a friend.

According to News 6, Jones admits that he was speeding "a little" but authorities have surveillance video that shows a white Mercedes similar to his vehicle accelerating through a round-a-bout while another individual is seen hanging out of the window. Tires can be heard screeching in the clip.

News 6
News 6

The teenager and his family also told News 6 that they feel like he was profiled and the attack was racially motivated. His mother admits her son was wrong for speeding but feels like the men wouldn’t have been as aggressive or violent if her son was white.

After the video went viral there were some on social media who pointed out the woman screaming “you don't belong here”—claiming that her words had had racial undertones that hearkened back to days when segregation could have legally prohibited the black teen from being in a neighborhood for "whites only."

Others pointed out that the incident took place in the same Seminole County neighborhood where Trayvon Martin was stalked and killed by George Zimmerman.

There were also people who felt like while the men were wrong—they weren’t necessarily being racist, but instead protecting their neighborhood from behavior that we’ve seen go viral in cities across America when it comes to speeding, burnouts and "stunt driving."

On that particular topic, a local New Orleans artist and advocate by the name of Reggie Ford brought up a point that he knew wouldn’t be popular with some members of his community.

Be warned that Ford does use some NSFW language but his overall message is that just because it's legal to do something doesn't mean that there won't be consequences in the real world. His overall message is that regardless of legalities, people should be respectful of themselves and the environments that they are in at all times.

News 6 reports that the two men were arrested and charged with property damage and a weapons charge for throwing a “missile” into Jones' vehicle.

At least one of the men was also charged with battery after one of the teenagers was "hit in the stomach with the cone" according to the arrest report.

Jermaine and his family continue to defend his actions and are adamant that race was a factor in this viral incident.

With that said they also feel very lucky considering how things turned out, knowing his fate could have been much worse.

Yesterday my 16-year-old brother was racially profiled in a neighborhood in Sanford Florida, the same city as Trayvon Martin. Luckily, he had a different fate. I commend my brother for how he reacted in the situation. They tried to throw a brick at his head, And missed

In the meantime, they’re dealing with damages to his vehicle that they estimate to be more than $1000.

Authorities tell News 6 that they believe Jones' speeding is what sparked this incident but are currently consulting with the State Attorney's Office who will decide if race was indeed a factor or if any additional charges should be filed.

See information on both men who were arrested and more details in the full story via News 6 here.

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