We all have a first love.

Cherry-lipped kisses. Late-night whispers. No matter how it ends (and it usually always does), that high stays with you forever. Capturing that spirit again, especially on film, can be nearly impossible, but somehow, Sabrina Carpenter and Lost Kings manage to catch lightning in a bottle. Their new track, "First Love," is a glistening dance track that skips between thick R&B and chewy dance-pop. The accompanying visual, premiering exclusively on PopCrush, replays those sweet, intimate memories like a projector machine on loop.

"You don't really care if it hurts at all / You look back and know it was worth it all," Carpenter's pristine vocal pierces the cloud of synths and drum machines. "You'll never forget how we feel now..." The beat then drops, and the nostalgia washes up and over you. "First Love" is heavenly, intended to make you feel all sorts of things.

On working with Carpenter, Lost Kings share, “We had such a great time with Sabrina...so we really wanted to capture that energy and have it translate in the video. The feeling of falling in love for the first time is so raw and it’s something that everyone can relate to, so we also wanted the video to have that feeling, as well."

The music video cuts between a confetti-fueled midnight rave and Carpenter's longing, sultry glances towards the camera. "We ran around Brooklyn for the day leading up to the first time we ever performed the song live at Electric Zoo with an incredible crowd," she tells us. "The video is visually beautiful and the spirit is young, just like [your] first love is meant to make you feel."

Watch below:

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