Many of us have what is called a "digital wallet" these days. It's almost a necessity at this point. A digital wallet works with mobile payment systems and stores all of your payment information in a safe and secure location. At least that's the hope.

With so many millions of Americans relying on this technology, scammers are inevitably trying to cash in (no pun intended) on those who may not be watching their digital wallets as close as they should.

The South Dakota  Better Business Bureau is reminding everyone to check their digital data diligently and update passwords as often as possible. Criminals are heavily involved in scams on CashApp and other services and scams are being reported often.

A consumer got caught up in a tech-support scheme and purchased bogus software using CashApp, then was blocked. Another bought $350 worth of “concert tickets” and was then blocked. Being blocked gave them no way to communicate their dissatisfaction and request refunds.

There's plenty of other examples found on the bbb website, but also some helpful tips to avoid being scammed yourself. These tips include:

  • Not giving out sensitive information over the phone and social media
  • Making sure you avoid companies that say they only accept digital currency and/or prepaid debit card payments.
  • Watching out for fake emails warning you that your account is about to be suspended.

Remember, criminals, play on your fears and will do whatever they can to exploit those fears.

For more information on how to avoid being scammed like this visit the BBB website.

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