Think back to a simpler time. The early 2000's.

Girl and guy groups were all over pop music. One group dared to be co-ed. This group was S Club 7.

They were made up of four girls and three guys. They had their own TV show. And not some hokey reality show. Oh no, this was legit acting, people!

I don't really remember the plot of the show or why they changed location so much, but it was good English fun.

I'll let them introduce themselves.

Anyway, huge news, you guys!

S Club 7 is getting back together!

The group hasn't been all together, with all 7, in over ten years!

They are reuniting for a performance on 'BBC Children in Need.' Children In Need is the BBC's UK Charity that has helped disabled children since 1980.

I'm not sure if it will broadcast here in the U.S., but just think of the possibilities.

Maybe getting back together for this one performance will make them realize they should grace us all with their group presence permanently.

Here are a couple of S Club's best jams for you to enjoy until their reunion performance.



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