Now this is what you call having a bad day. A Sioux Falls driver somehow managed to flip the vehicle he was driving on its side near the intersection of East 18th Street and Southeastern Blvd around 4:11 PM on Sunday, September 25.

The driver of the 1993 Chevy Suburban managed to escape serious injury, but the vehicle became wedged inside the pedestrian walkway on the north side of the bridge located just west of that intersection.

According to reports, the vehicle crossed the opposite lane of travel and collided with the bridge walkway pedestrian barrier.

Crews were forced to close River Blvd to vehicular traffic for roughly two hours while the Chevy Suburban was removed from the walkway.

Part of the railing needed to be removed in order to get the vehicle out. The walkway itself will remain closed until the damage which occurred can be repaired.

A careless driving citation was issued to the driver of the Chevy Suburban.

Source: KDLT News

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