In Fort Robinson State Park in the northern Nebraska panhandle a new memorial to Native American leader Crazy Horse is taking shape. Native Sun News Today reports that the new addition is part of a multi-phase project for what is called the Crazy Horse Memorial Monument.

Four large granite stones from Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota's Black Hills were donated to the project. The stones were put into place at Fort Robinson in May. They were put on cement pads near the spot Crazy Horse was killed in May of 1877.

Crazy Horse Committee Administrator Melvin Douglas Bissonette told Native Sun News Today that, "This is a permanent display. When Crazy Horse surrendered, in the Crazy Horse surrender ledger book, there’s a list of all the people who surrendered with him in that book. And nowhere are they mentioned at all. So, we decided to put all of their names of those that surrendered with him in 1877 on some signs there. And that’s the second part of this project."

Organizers of the project started fundraising in 2015. They are currently working to raise the money to complete the project.

You can read more about the Crazy Horse Memorial Monument at Fort Robinson in Nebraska on Native Sun News Today.

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