The Bat-news (or at least Bat-rumors) are coming very quickly this week. Hot on the heels of the news that Robert Pattinson is the top choice to become the new Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming reboot of the franchise, The Hollywood Reporter now offers some new details about who will be his nemeses in the film. And while they claim the script is still being tweaked it will have... least two villains, the Penguin being one of them, according to sources (one person is telling us there will be around half-a-dozen villains!). We’re hearing of another purrfect character making an appearance in the script as well.

So there you have it folks: You can 100 percent expect to see Catman in The Batman! No? Okay, probably Catwoman. I guess that makes more sense. (Catman’s still pretty cool, though. We like Catman.)

Obviously Penguin and Catwoman both previously appeared in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Burton’s version of both characters, though, was pretty far from the traditional comic-book versions, leaving Reeves some room to work in if he wants to do something different with either of them. Or he could just have Danny DeVito play the Penguin again. We would be totally fine with that. The Batman is scheduled to open June 25, 2021.

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