Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman has been ranked as the sixth-best general manager in the NFL today.

While many are looking at the 2021 NFL Draft as a pivotal one for Spielman and his potential future with the franchise, Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com has provided a different outlook on Spielman's tenure with the Vikings.

Rosenthal ranked Spielman as the sixth-best general manager in the NFL today and attributes most of that ranking to the success that Spielman has had in finding quality players in later rounds of the NFL Draft. His best and worst find in the draft, however, came in the first round. Justin Jefferson (2021 1st Round) is listed as Spielman's best draft pick, while Laquon Treadwell (2016 1st Round) was graded as his worst.

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Players such as Stefon Diggs (2015 5th Round), Danielle Hunter (2015 3rd Round), Eric Kendricks (2015 2nd Round), and Dalvin Cook (2017 2nd Round) were named as part of ranking Spielman within the top-ten. The 2015 draft was a big one for Spielman as Diggs, Hunter, and Kendricks all went on to be quality starters and pro bowlers for the Vikings. Add in Trae Waynes (1st Round), and an undrafted free agent find in Anthony Harris, the 2015 NFL Draft will be on that is hard to top for Spielman.

Spielman officially took over the role of general manager in 2012. He is also responsible for drafting Harrison Smith (2012 1st Round), and Anthony Barr (2014 1st Round). Prior to 2012, Spielman was instrumental in helping the Vikings draft players such as Adrian Peterson, and Kyle Rudolph as the Vice President of Player Personnel.

Then there are some of the negatives. Outside of Treadwell, blemishes on Spielman's resume include the 2016 NFL Draft, and currently Garrett Bradbury (2019 1st Round). Rosenthal also docked Spielman in the rankings due to the lack of effort put into developing the offensive line with plenty of draft capital and opportunities over the years.

Spielman ranks ahead of Brett Veach (Chiefs), John Lynch (49ers), Jerry Jones (Cowboys), and Jon Robinson (Titans) in the power rankings. He is situated behind Mickey Loomis (Saints), Brandon Beane/Sean McDermott (Bills), Jason Licht (Buccaneers), Kevin Colbert (Steelers), and Chris Ballard (Colts).

To see the entire rankings list from Rosenthal, click here. The 2021 NFL Draft begins on April 29 and continues through May 1 on ESPN 99.1.

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