A man from Tiverton, Rhode Island has been charged with four felony counts for confessing to breaking into homes to steal sex toys, which he purportedly intended to gift on a birthday.

On Tuesday morning, Benjamin Nadrowski, 32, faced a judge in district court and was charged with two counts of attempted breaking and entering, as well as two counts of entering a building with felonious intent.

The First Report

The police received a call on June 2 at 10:45 p.m. reporting a suspicious individual trying to break through a window of a house on Power Street.

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Benjamin Nadrowski
Benjamin Nadrowski - WPRI News

Questioning The Suspect

During questioning, detectives brought up three other instances of breaking and entering from the previous week. In a supplemental police report, it was revealed that Nadrowski confessed to stealing an adult toy from a bedroom in a home on Armstrong Street on May 27th.

Further questioning led to Nadrowski admitting that he broke into another home on Furnace Street and stole two additional adult toys from separate bedrooms. He also confessed to attempting to steal a makeup palette from another home but fled the scene when confronted by a female tenant.

Caught At A College Campus

Nadrowski was apprehended by the police in the vicinity of college campuses, where he intended to rummage through the waste for potentially discarded belongings. However, upon further investigation, he claimed that he did not pilfer any valuable items from the premises.

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Nadrowski said he didn’t steal any items of value from the residences, only women’s sex toys he said he intended to give to someone as a birthday gift, according to police.

The serious nature of the crime means that no plea was taken in court, and Nadrowski's bail has been set at $2,500 with surety for breaking and entering, and $5,000 for attempted breaking and entering on personal recognizance.

Nadrowski is prohibited from returning to the sites, and he has to undergo a mental health examination as part of the stipulated conditions.

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