Do you find yourself irresistibly attracted to creepy-crawly critters? Is 4-20 your favorite holiday? If you answered YES to either question, tell your boss you need the afternoon OFF on Tuesday, April 20th, to attend a FREE Live Reptile Show! Best keep the other reason for the afternoon off to yourself...

Roll N’ Smoke, South Dakota’s largest smoke shop, is bringing in a FREE Live Reptile Show in honor of 4-20! But it will ONLY be at the store near the corner of 57th Street and Louise Avenue in Sioux Falls, South Dakota from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

So, what can you expect to see at Roll N’ Smoke’s 4-20 Live Reptile Show? Honored guest display animals include, but are not limited to:
The star of the show….a 19 foot long, 200-pound reticulated python!

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From a strength perspective, every 8 foot of snake is equivalent to a 200-pound man. So, when 2 full-grown men go full-on MMA and simultaneously take on the python….PYTHON WINS! Ding ding…. Chomp chomp… Snake belch….

So, where are these intriguing creatures coming from? Winona, Minnesota! Where else? Matthew Martin has been a reptile breeder, salesman, and showman for over 26 years. Matthew and his wife run a business called Monster Kru, with help from their oldest son. IMAGINE this scenario… The Martins, on the one-day field trip to Sioux Falls, get pulled over for speeding on I-90. The Hi-Po takes one look in the truck, writes the quickest warning ticket of his career then says, “Have a nice day, folks…”

Photo used with permission by Matthew Martin
Photo used with permission by Matthew Martin

The Martins also own 2 related side businesses. At Monster CAGES, they build really nice, sturdy cages of all sizes for customers all over the country, including some famous zoos you may have visited.

When you RAISE critters for a living, may as well RAISE critters to feed to your critters! The Martin family side business, Monster Feeders, raises and sells mice, rats, rabbits, and pigs, specifically to be fed to animals higher up the food chain. Feeder animals are not sold alive. They’re euthanized, frozen then sold. For instance, Matthew’s 19 foot, 200-pound python enjoys snacking on a tasty 30-pound frozen pig! Some dog owners prefer to feed their pups frozen rabbits. Some cat people feed their felines frozen rat-circles. Ahhh…the circle of life!

So, if you’re into herpetology, you’re a “HERPER”. You have an interest in reptiles or amphibians. If you a “HERBER”, you have an interest in 4-20. See you BOTH at Roll N’ Smoke, 57th and Louise, Tuesday, April 20th.

Photo used with permission by Matthew Martin
Photo used with permission by Matthew Martin

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