Remember in 1999 when one of the biggest boy bands in the world came to the Mall of America? However, the autograph was cut short due to an incident.

Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Lansten Bass, and JC Chasez tore up our hearts and took the world by storm as they became N*SYNC. Legend has it that their name was created after Justin's mom made a comment on how in sync the five of them were. It also happens to be a play on the last letter of each member's initial of their first name.

For those that didn't know, Lance wasn't an original member. He joined shortly after Jason Galasso left the group due to indifferences. 1998 was a huge year for the group as they came over to the states after being in Germany and released the hit song 'I Want You Back'.

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When Justin rocked the ramen-style haircut, everybody was obsessed with what the future will be. Then came their debut and self-titled album that captured the hearts of America.

They aired a concert on the Disney channel and started making appearances on TV shows. After touring in 1998 and 1999, they made a stop at the Target Center where the musical group Blaque opened up for them. Before that, however, the group went to the Mall of America to do an autograph signing. No surprise, the rotunda was packed and fans were everywhere:

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The craziest thing happened during the autograph signing. Someone dropped a water balloon from above, and the singing was cut short. Fans were distraught. Check out footage from an old news broadcast below:

Were you there or do you remember this happening?! Memories, sweet, memories.

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