Where is your TV located in your living room? Chances are it's mounted on the wall and it's not much thicker than some of the other wall hangings that you have.

I remember the day when if you were to ask someone how thick their TV was, they would probably turn around and run, thinking you were a mental case. Actually, it could've been taken as an insult. As in, they might think you were asking how thick the dust was on top of it.

Our first color TV set in the 60's, wasn't considered thick, it was considered deep. They were as deep as they were wide back then. And yes, they were not just called a TV, we referred to them as a "TV set". I'm not quite sure what "set" meant.

And as far as the dust was concerned, when mom was dusting all the furniture with Lemon Pledge, the TV was one of the pieces of furniture. It was encased in a wood cabinet about the size of the desk I'm writing this story at.

Mom was always good at decorating inside our home. She even had nick-nacs and a plant in a vase on the top of the TV. When's the last time you saw plants on top of a TV?

And we only got two channels, but my favorite memories of watching that console TV as a kid with mom and dad, are in my mind forever. Today, I have seven TV's in my home and get somewhere around 9000 channels, and there's nothing to see.

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