If you're working from home and you have an older car, it might not be a bad idea to start your car once in a while.

When it's colder, it may be challenging for older car batteries to do their jobs. This is also the case if you haven't been driving your vehicle as often as usual in warmer weather.  It's recommended that you start your car at least once a week for about 20 minutes.  This way your car battery will also effectively do its job when the temperature outside is seasonably warm.

The Auto Batteries website explains that batteries are tougher to start in the winter months because vehicles require more power to start.  Auto Batteries also reminds readers, "Hot weather means high temperatures under the hood, which accelerates corrosion inside the battery. It can also cause water to evaporate out of the battery’s liquid electrolyte. The result? Decreased battery capacity, a weakened ability to start an engine and, ultimately, shorter battery life."

I am in the same boat.  I have my Grandma Fifi's 2003 Toyota Camry.  It's in great condition and runs like a dream.  However, I still need to start it periodically if I am not driving it on a daily basis.  Otherwise, it's a slow go!  I actually still receive messages from my family to reminding me to start "Freda's Wheels."

This could be a great excuse to leave your house for at least a few minutes and get some fresh air!

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