Who hasn't spent money on nice food storage containers to share home-cooked meals with loved ones before?

With that being said, the initial thought with making this investment is that you would be able to use it right? Well, you can't do that while it's in someone else's possession.

The photo above is one that I took while in college. It's all the plastic container pieces that I had received home-cooked and baked goodies in from my parents and had yet to return.

At the time they were thinking they needed to buy more plastic containers but low and behold I was hoarding it all, sorry mom and dad.

Anyone else have multiple sets all with different colored lids?

Then you go to use a container and can never find the right lid to fit the container's bottom? Been there done that haha.

And with the baking and cooking time of year upon us once again, your friends and family members will be wanting to use those food storage containers they initially lent out to you.

So here is your friendly reminder to return those plastic or glass food storage containers to their original owners. They will be needing them really soon!

And yes, washing them out before you return them is considered a common courtesy.

Fail to wash the container, and this might deter the person from baking or cooking for you in the future.

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