I go to theater for all sorts of reasons, to be entertained, to be inspired, challenged solving a mystery, and to laugh.

There have been plenty of days when I've hid from the world behind a large popcorn, and hoping to get lost in a story other than mine.

I saw the previews for Logan Lucky, and it appeared to be a weird, mindless movie with a good cast, and some good laughs.

It had the cast.

I missed the laughs.

I checked my phone at 50 minutes, and the ratio of one laugh in almost an hour wasn't enough to keep me curious as to how the script played out.

I turned to my daughter, and asked her if she was ready to leave, and thankfully she agreed.

Like the theme of the main characters of the movie, the script was not lucky at all.

If you decide to ignore my advice, and watch Logan any way, and your curious at what point we bailed on the movie.

We left our Logan Lucky seats, during the part of the movie when they meet the man wearing a bear suit in the middle of the woods.

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