Its hard to tell sometimes if you should read a book first, or see the movie based on the book first.

If I watch a movie first, I usually never end up reading the book.

If I read the book first, the movie usually doesn't live up to my expectations the author has already planted in my mind.

I'm glad I went straight to The Glass Castle in the theater before cracking the book.

The Glass Castle is not a movie everybody will enjoy, and it's something you need to be in the right mindset to take in.

Addiction, abuse, and mental illness make the movie hard to watch at times, especially in some scenes.

This movie is a reality for so many people who grew up in similar environments.

From what I've heard the book is incredible, from what I saw the script is brilliant, and the acting was phenomenal.

The main reason I'm glad I saw the movie first, Woody Harrelson, wow!

If you love acting you would feel like you got your money's worth just from Harrelson's performance alone.

The bravery of Glass Castle author Jeannette Walls, gives us such an important gift, family secrets never helped anyone in the family.

Walls allows us into her life with this transparent look at her upbringing.

Storytelling with this kind of courage lets people who grew up with their own pain know they are not alone, they are not weird, and there is hope in that.

Honesty, healing, and hope is exactly what we could all use a little more of.

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