We all know Rebecca Black from her viral hit "Friday." It seemed that nobody actually liked that song, it was basically a train wreck and a laughing stock, but the joke was one us because Rebecca was making bank off that song.

But now she is older, wiser, and actually making decent music.

"Great Divide" is Rebecca's new song and she described it:

"It's definitely one of the most meaningful things I've written for myself. As I've grown up, I've realized there are certain people I've let into in my life that aren't healthy for me. This song is about letting those people go and feeling power in knowing that's the best decision for you. I don't even tell [my friends] about or play them songs before they're done. It's been exciting to play the song for friends. I kept a lot of this as my own personal adventure."


Rebecca Black has recorded a bunch of songs and is hoping to release an independent record this fall.

Good luck, Rebecca!

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