The hunting season for deer is upon us. The archers have been at it for a couple of months and the firearm seasons are beginning. So after a day of chasing muleys or whitetails why not unwind with a whiskey flavored with deer?

A distiller in New Hampshire has come out with a strange spirit that uses venison to flavor whiskey. Tamworth Distilling is taking preorders for Deerslayer Whiskey for $65 a bottle.

The Deerslayer is a whiskey flavored with the flora and fauna of New Hampshire in autumn — in particular, venison. We sourced our red deer venison from a local New Hampshire farm, then hand-chopped the meat and tossed it with cranberries, porcini mushrooms, juniper berries, and green peppercorns. After fermenting overnight to accentuate the meat’s delectable gaminess, it is then slow-smoked over a mix of seasoned branches from New Hampshire’s boreal forests.

The bad news, if this interests you, is that you can only pick it up. It's a 25-hour drive from the station, a mere 1,600 miles away.

Tamworth has also done other crazy spirits. Their Corpse Flower Brandy is made with the corpse flower that has a flavor that "explores the relationship between funky and floral, decay and bouquet with its diabolical mix of the some of the most pleasingly unpleasant petals in the botanical world."

As someone who isn't really a whiskey drinker, neither of these sounds super appealing but at the same time, I really would like to try the Deerslayer to see what kind of venison flavor I could detect.

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