I feel like the minute we make people real, it make it impossible for us to turn our backs on them.

When people become human, when we know their story, and their names, it makes the persons story personal.

I met first James after he spoke at a service at Embrace Church, on a weekend he happened to be teaching about Clothe Your Neighbor.

You can listen to Clothe Your Neighbor Founder, James give that talk on Vimeo by clicking here.

Here is their vision from the Clothe Your Neighbor website:

The vision is to reimagine charity. The vision is that those alleviating poverty wouldn't just know of, but genuinely know those experiencing it. The vision is to stop calling our neighbors "the poor", but to call them by their names.This vision is fueled by a perpetual hope that another world is possible. The vision is a bunch of ragtag, storytelling, mischief-making, radicals, charging the hill to end extreme poverty in our lifetime. This vision is to do anything but "keep calm and carry on". The vision is to get angry with injustice and creatively liberate those bound by it.

There are plenty of ways you can partner with Clothe Your Neighbor, one really cool thing I've seen around town is something called a 'DipJar'.

Oh My Cupcakes!
Photo Courtesy of Oh My Cupcakes! via Facebook

One location I've seen the 'DipJar' is at Oh My Cupcakes! From their Facebook Page:

Have you seen this little contraption in our store today? This we’ll be here all through the month of November! Dip your card in the “DipJar” to donate $1 to the Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself to help send disadvantaged kids to school across the sea, and create jobs for people transitioning from homelessness across the street!

How effective has their mission, and vision been? According to the Clothe Your Neighbor website, thanks to people like you:

We’ve helped over 9 thousand kids gain access to quality education, in 4 countries, in 52 different villages, all while helping create 18 jobs both in the developing world by making uniforms locally and here in the USA by employing people transitioning from homelessness to create our Impact Kits. Cheers to the past behind and to the progress ahead.

For more on Clothe Your Neighbor, and ways to be a part click here.

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